Managed services for regulatory reporting

The challenge

Like all banks, our client is subject to an ever increasing regulatory pressure. There was a constant need of keeping all the data and the reporting applications up to date, but the team was short handed and was losing time in managing different regulatory contractors.

How b.fine supports the client

Our client selected b.fine for a long term regulatory partnership in the form of a managed services agreement. B.fine brings peace of mind to the whole regulatory reporting process at the client by acting as the one stop shop for regulatory reporting. Since a few years, we have been responsible for: application management, day to day regulatory upgrades and improvements of the reporting platforms. Our dedicated team of experts is a perfect mix between functional and technical expertise that runs the regulatory reporting processes in the most efficient way. 

“Thanks to our pragmatic approach and agile way of working, our client is actually saving time in the reporting processes while always being compliant with the latest regulations,” says Bert De Vriendt, co-founder of b.fine. b.fine follows the regulation, reporting calendar and deadlines very closely and makes sure the architecture of the platform stays logical. By partnering with b.fine, our client can focus on its core business. They can rest assured that they are always aligned, that the regulatory roadmap is taken care of, the application is always up to date, the costs are always transparent.


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