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Focus on data centricity

From report-driven to data-driven processing

Since the b.rx data architecture is based on open standards, you are well prepared for the future when regulators switch from reports to data delivery

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Open data model

At b.fine we don’t believe in proprietary models: our data architecture is built around the frameworks provided by regulators. This results in many advantages:

  • Transparency
  • Clear data dictionary: common understanding between financial institutions and regulators of the applied data concepts
  • BCBS239 compliance by design
  • Cost reduction
  • Faster time-to-market

Define the most appropriate data flow for your reports

Every step of the data flow can be automated and adapted to your needs as we support various levels of integration. Thanks to our b.rx Marketplace, data flows can be extended with feeds from and to risk engines, data monitoring tools, etc.

Implement data governance in your reporting

Getting the data right and getting the right data is crucial for financial institutions when it comes to regulatory reporting. That is why the b.rx platform comes with a comprehensive set of data governance-related features such as:

  • Data dictionary & catalog
  • (Meta)data lineage
  • Data monitoring & quality
  • Information security

Through our b.rx Marketplace, financial institutions can also integrate with one of the leading data intelligence platforms.

Analyze your data

Track your reports against previous submissions, perform trend analysis over a predefined time horizon and even apply benchmarking against other institutions’ publicly disclosed regulatory ratios, all thanks to b.rx.

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